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Culinary Tours
A Taste of Jordan

Culinary Tours are focused on all types of activities that will help you feed your appetite with the amazing authentic tastes of Jordanian cuisine. From cooking classes, street food, dining with local families, to exquisite fine dinning. Join a journey of unforgettable flavours. 

Cooking Class gathering, Amman

Cooking Classes

Indulge your taste buds in an unforgettable culinary journey during your stay in Jordan by joining a cooking class. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of our cuisine as you explore local recipes, savor traditional spices, and work with fresh ingredients harvested daily. This hands-on experience promises not only the opportunity to master the art of Jordanian cooking but also a delightful immersion into our cultural gastronomy. Whether you find yourself in bustling cities or serene towns, this engaging activity is widely available across Jordan, ensuring you can partake in the joy of creating and relishing authentic dishes that capture the essence of our culinary heritage. Prepare to truly enjoy a flavorful adventure that leaves you with not just recipes but cherished memories of Jordan's vibrant food culture.

Arabic Coffee served by the locals, Wadi Rum

Dine With a Local Family

Commence on an immersive journey into Jordanian culture by dining with a local family. This unique experience invites you to spend time in the welcoming ambiance of a Jordanian home, where you'll be introduced to the family members and indulge in the warmth of Arabic coffee. Delve into the heart of authentic Jordanian traditions as you share stories and laughter over a meticulously prepared home-cooked meal. The culinary adventure continues with the delight of local desserts, and no experience is complete without savoring a cup of fragrant tea infused with herbs. This intimate dining experience not only allows you to appreciate the flavors of Jordan but also provides a genuine connection to the warmth and hospitality that define this extraordinary culture.

Fine Dining Options, Amman

Fine Dining

Fine dining takes on a whole new level of sophistication and delight in Jordan. Immerse yourself in the opulent ambiance of exquisite restaurants that showcase the culinary prowess of Jordan's chefs. From the bustling streets of Amman to the serene corners of Petra, you'll discover a symphony of flavors that blend traditional Jordanian recipes with modern culinary innovation. Indulge in meticulously crafted dishes that reflect the rich tapestry of local ingredients and cultural influences. Whether you are savoring a meal against the backdrop of ancient ruins or enjoying panoramic views of the Dead Sea, each dining experience in Jordan is a celebration of exceptional cuisine, impeccable service, and the inherent warmth of Jordanian hospitality. 

Wine Tasting Experience, Amman

Wine Tasting Experience

Indulge in JR The Wine Experience, the premier wine tasting destination in Jordan, offering a unique journey through over 40 carefully selected international grape varieties crafted into 20 exquisite wines. Set against the backdrop of Jordan's distinctive basalt desert terroir, this experience unveils the artistry of winemaking in the region. As the first of its kind in Jordan, JR The Wine Experience invites enthusiasts to savor the heritage of winemaking and immerse themselves in a celebration of great music, events, delectable bites, and, most importantly, the joy of shared moments, making every day a toast-worthy celebration.

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