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Nature Ventures 

Jordan is the home of many nature reserves all over the kingdom including Forest Reserves, Nature Biospheres, Wet Land Reserves. Explore the amazing nature of our country by requesting your special itinerary, based on all your preferances. 

Ajloun Forest Reserve, Jordan

Ajloun Forest Reserve

Nestled in the verdant hills of northern Jordan, Ajloun Forest Reserve is a tranquil sanctuary of biodiversity and natural beauty. Spanning over 13 square kilometers, this protected area is a haven for diverse flora and fauna, offering visitors a serene escape into nature. Home to lush oak and pine forests, the reserve provides a refreshing retreat from the bustle of urban life. Hiking trails wind through the wooded landscape, inviting exploration and discovery. Birdwatchers will delight in spotting a variety of avian species, including eagles and owls, while nature enthusiasts can revel in the sights and sounds of the forest. Ajloun Forest Reserve is not just a place of scenic wonder, but also a vital conservation area, preserving Jordan's ecological heritage for generations to come.

 Azraq Wetland Reserve, Jordan

Azraq Wetland Reserve

Located in the heart of Jordan's eastern desert, the Azraq Wetland Reserve stands as a testament to the kingdom's commitment to sustainability, earning its place among the world's top 100 sustainable sites recognized by the World Green Organization. Just an hour's drive from Amman, this unique wetland serves as a crucial migratory stopover for birds from three continents, drawing bird-watchers from far and wide. Beyond its ecological significance, Azraq boasts a rich cultural heritage, once frequented by pilgrims and camel trains. Today, visitors can immerse themselves in diverse cultural experiences, from cycling and hiking with Wild Jordan to learning the art of local cuisine from residents. 

Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan

Dana Biosphere Reserve

Perched within Jordan's stunning landscapes, the Dana Biosphere Reserve stands as the country's largest nature sanctuary, spanning over 320 square kilometers of diverse terrain. From towering sandstone cliffs to lush valleys, the reserve harbors a rich tapestry of life, including over 600 plant species and 180 bird species. Home to elusive mammals like caracals and ibex, Dana offers a captivating glimpse into Jordan's wildlife. Spring & autumn unveil the reserve's vibrant colors and abundant wildlife, while winter invites exploration of the lower Feynan area. Even in summer, Dana remains a haven, offering respite from the sweltering heat of the wadi. With its scenic trails and charming guesthouse, Dana promises an unforgettable eco-adventure just a stone's throw away from Petra.

Mujib Biosphere Reserve, Jordan

Mujib Biosphere Reserve

Wadi Mujib, a mesmerizing canyon towering above the Mujib River, stretches over 70 kilometers and offers thrilling excursions into the Dead Sea. Part of the Mujib Biosphere Reserve, it protects rare wildlife species. Beginning at the Desert Highway and ending at the Dead Sea, it spans 4 kilometers wide and 1 kilometer tall. Steeped in history as the Arnon Valley, it's an hour and 20 minutes from Amman. The reserve covers 212 square kilometers, with notable sites like Ma'in Hot Springs Resort and the Mujib River, home to species like the Syrian Wolf and Caracal mountain cat.

Shaumari Wildlife Reserve, Jordan

Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Located near Azraq, about 100 kilometers from Amman, the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is a crucial sanctuary for endangered species in Jordan. Established in 1975 by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, it spans 22 square kilometers and safeguards various rare animals such as oryx, sand gazelle, and onagers. The reserve offers guided safaris and educational experiences, allowing visitors to learn about conservation efforts and enjoy Jordanian hospitality with tea infused with local herbs and spices. Jordanian universities also conduct environmental studies here, making it an essential site for research and conservation awareness.

Yarmouk Forest Reserve, Jordan

Yarmouk Forest Reserve

Situated in northwestern Jordan near Golan Hill, the Yarmouk Forest Reserve covers 20 square kilometers, featuring mountains with deciduous oak trees and valleys leading to the Yarmouk River. With a Mediterranean climate, the reserve hosts diverse flora and fauna, including 59 plant species and 20 mammalian species like the Arabian Gazelle. It also supports 58 bird species, contributing to 14% of Jordan's bird population. Despite facing challenges like overgrazing and hunting, the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) is developing a management plan in collaboration with local communities to mitigate these threats.

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